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Maxsight contacts

Nike and Bausch & Lomb have partnered to create the Nike MAXSIGHT contact lenses. Nike Contact Lenses enable athletes to see sports action with greater clarity. These tinted contacts filter light to enhance visibility for your chosen sport--great for athletes, as well as anyone who spends a great deal of time outdoors and can't wear sunglasses.

How do Nike MAXSIGHT Contact Lenses Work?

The fully tinted lenses use patented Light Architecture to allow certain wavelengths of light to pass through the lens and enter the eye, enhancing contrast. This color filtering, which focuses the eyes differently is a result of color theory and color vision. Details appear more clear and stand out from the background. In addition, they filter out most harmful blue light and UVA and UVB rays before they reach your pupil.

Unfortunately, they do not protect your entire eye the way sunglasses do. Using the same technology, Nike has introduced sunglasses for golf with the same amber lenses. (See more at This allows golfers who can’t tolerate contacts to enjoy the benefits of the color filtering.

Types of Nike MAXSIGHT Contact Lenses.

There are two types of color filtering lenses in the Nike MAXSIGHT family: First, Grey-green – for sports played in bright light, such as golf, running, and training. These contacts enhance the green and red portions of your environment to improve detail and contour recognition. Next is amber – for fast moving sports, like tennis, baseball and soccer. The lenses were designed to track fast moving balls. The amber filters certain wavelengths in the blue green portion of our environment, making the ball “pop” off the background.

You should note that the color of the contacts don’t represent a natural color as other contacts do. Also, you’ll have to acquire a prescription in order to purchase the contacts. Fortunately, the lenses are only about $20 more than regular contact lenses, so once you have your prescription you’ll be on your way to seeing everything crisper and better defined.